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FaceOnBody is an application that lets you create the most hilarious images!
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FaceOnBody is an application that lets you choose the funniest pictures from all arounf the world, to create the most hilarious images!
FaceOnBody is a software specially developed to put any face on any body, just makes the process much easier. The FaceOnBody software, features an image library, that has a built-in web browser, and a downloading tool, to help you find and obtain that one picture you are looking for. Use the picture of a famous movie celebrity, a comic, or the singer of your favourite band, to make the perfect joke, amuse your friends, or just to have a good time while creating some bizarre pictures.
FaceOnBody will let you automatically alter the colors, change the shading and brightness of the face you have chosen, to match the body you chose, afterwards you can still manually adjust the settings of the picture to make sure the images are nicely fitted. The application has some flaws at this point since the face and the body may not perfectly fit each other, you'll have to be extremely cautious when selecting the picture you will use to swap faces with, for a nice and smooth creation.
Once you are done with creating funny pics and editing your photos, you will be able to save it in your PC, or simply use the built-in FOB Spreader in order to email the picture to your friends and relatives.
Although the graphic flaws do not improve in the Pro version, there are a few new features which are only available in this version. The FOB spreader is replaced by a better one, that makes the sending of pictures faster and easier. The Pro version also allows you to save the project at any stage of the creation process, which is actually a standard feature anyway, and also provides the user with a whole bunch more of pictures galleries, with better quality pictures.
Bottomline, albeit this Pro version does bear a few new features, is still too expensive for what it delivers, yet if you really are into this kind of programs, go for it, since this is as good as it gets.

Runs on Win98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/VISTA

Tomas O'Rourke
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  • Has more features than the standard version


  • Too expensive
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